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Tears of Delight Bouquet

Tears of Delight Bouquet

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Decadent in color and style, this bridal bouquet brings together some of the most fascinating blooms found in nature to help you truly shine on your wedding day. Clusters of sunlit hues express a sophisticated design aesthetic with the use of yellow Oncidium Orchids, pin cushion protea, and spray roses, red freesia, mini calla lilies, ginger, and viburnum, coral roses, green trick dianthus, orange Birds of Paradise, galax leaves, and variegated ivy. Creating a cascade of color against the backdrop of your gown, this bouquet strays from the everyday to help you create that perfect bridal look.


Bouquet is approximately 22" H x 14" W

Bloom Details

  • Orchid
  • Rose
  • Spray Rose
  • Calla Lily