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<b>Some Cut Flower Tips</b>

Regardless Of The Variety, Most Fresh Cut Flowers Have The Same Needs.

It Is Important To Remember That Flowers Are Alive And Thus Require Some Special Care.
  1. Water Is Essential. If You Have A Vase Arrangement, Change The Water Every Few Days. If You Have A Container Arrangement With Floral Foam, Be Sure To Keep Adding Water. Baskets Contain A Plastic Liner And Ceramics And Plastics Don't Require A Liner At All, So You Shouldn't Have Any Problem With Leaks. Flower Food Is Good For Keeping The Water Clean And Providing Nutrients, But Fresh Water Is Often Most Important To The Vase Life Of Flowers.

  2. Don't Expose Flowers To Extreme Temperatures Or Conditions. If It's Too Hot Or Too Cold For You, It's The Same For The Flowers You Have! For Example, You Cannot Leave Flowers In The Trunk Of Your Car During The Winter; They Will Freeze. The Same Thing Applies For Hot Weather Conditions. Along The Same Lines, Don't Place Flowers On Top Of A TV, Microwave Or Near A Heater Vent.

  3. If A Flower Is Limp, It Isn't Drawing Water Through Its Stem. Carefully Take It Out Of The Container. Look For Any Bend Or Break That May Be Preventing Water From Going Through The Stem. If You Find Such A Mark (It's Often A Little Bit Darker Than The Rest Of The Stem), Give It A "Fresh Cut" At That Point. If You Do Not See Any Breaks, Give The Flower A "Fresh Cut" On The Bottom Of The Stem. Then Place It In A Glass Or Vase Of Lukewarm Water For A Time Before Replacing It In The Arrangement. Many Times This Gives The Flower New Life! This Is Especially Common In Thirsty Flowers That Have Woody Stems Such As: Roses, Lilacs And Hydrangeas.

  4. The Cut Flower Life Of Each Flower Varies By Variety And Also By The Conditions In Which They Are Placed. Carnations, Daisies And Many Filler Flowers Live Much Longer Than The More Fragile Flowers Like Gardenias And Stephanotis.

  5. YOU Can Purchase Flowers For Your Vase Or Basket And Have Some Fun Creating A Bouquet!

  6. But If You Don't Feel Like Being Creative Or If You're Short On Time, Stop In With Your Favorite Container And Your Florist Can Fill It For You!

  7. Most Importantly, Remember That Flowers Are Meant To Be Enjoyed! They Aren't Meant To Last Forever... And That Is The Whole Point Of Buying Flowers. They Are Meant To Evoke An Emotion, Create An Impact, Send A Message. Flowers Help Create A Memory For Both The Giver And The Receiver.

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