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<b>Tussie Mussies</b>

Tussie Mussie Holders Create An Elegant Look For Any Season!

Several Styles/Shapes Of Bouquets Are Shown In Silver or Gold Tone Holders.

<b>Pearly White Bouquet</b>
Pearly White Bouquet

<b>Wintry Whites</b>
Wintry Whites

<b>Pure & Simple</b>
Pure & Simple

<b>Truly Elegant</b>
Truly Elegant

<b>Stylish Stems</b>
Stylish Stems

<b>Coming Up Roses</b>
Coming Up Roses

<b>Oncidium Orchids</b>
Oncidium Orchids

<b>Lovely & Linear</b>
Lovely & Linear

<b>Fresh & Bright</b>
Fresh & Bright

<b>Delightfully Delicate</b>
Delightfully Delicate


<b>Lilies & Berries</b>
Lilies & Berries

<b>Only Orchids</b>
Only Orchids


<b>Summer Day</b>
Summer Day

<b>Pretty Pink</b>
Pretty Pink

<b>Winter Wonderland</b>
Winter Wonderland

<b>Bridal Elegance</b>
Bridal Elegance

<b>Plum Pretty</b>
Plum Pretty

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