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<h3 align=center>Creating Weddings In Wyoming Valley Since 1907</h3>
<li>Wedding Flowers From Evans-King Floral 
<li>Are Planned With And For ONLY You!


If you have any questions about availability of your day, please call. We require a deposit to reserve the day.

  • No wedding is too small or too large
  • No packages or minimum amounts - after all, you don't want what last week's wedding wanted and we know that!
  • We are able to work with you via email, telephone, text, Skype, Zoom, and/or Facetime.
  • IN-STORE CONSULTATIONS: Must be scheduled as an appointment. There is no exception; you must have an appointment so that we do not double book (we have regular customers at the same time as your appointment to consider as well) & have too many people in the shop at one time. Masks are required in the flower shop.

<b>To Celebrate Your Day!</b>
To Celebrate Your Day!

<b>October 2006</b>
October 2006

<b>Kimberly & Michael ~ 2007</b>
Kimberly & Michael ~ 2007

<b>Beach Wedding</b>
Beach Wedding

<b>Lauren & Adam</b>
Lauren & Adam

<b>Julee and Shawn</b>
Julee and Shawn

<b>Nicole & Steve</b>
Nicole & Steve

<b>Alicia & Rueben</b>
Alicia & Rueben

<b>Kelli & John</b>
Kelli & John

<b>Alyssa & Gene</b>
Alyssa & Gene

<b>Colleen & Mike</b>
Colleen & Mike

<b>Bouquet Glossary</b>
Bouquet Glossary


<b>Church Flowers</b>
Church Flowers

<b>A & J</b>
A & J

<b>Patriotic Colors</b>
Patriotic Colors


<b>More Bouquets</b>
More Bouquets

<b>Church And Ceremony Flowers</b>
Church And Ceremony Flowers

<b>Corsages And Boutonnieres</b>
Corsages And Boutonnieres

<b>Flower Girls & Ring Bearers</b>
Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

<b>Cake Decorations</b>
Cake Decorations

<b>Reception & Party Flowers</b>
Reception & Party Flowers

<b>Fall wedding bouquets</b>
Fall wedding bouquets

<b>Shades of blue and white</b>
Shades of blue and white

<b>Royal blue and white wedding</b>
Royal blue and white wedding

<b>Sunny Sunflowers</b>
Sunny Sunflowers

<b>Hydrangea Bouquets</b>
Hydrangea Bouquets

<b>Christmas Vows</b>
Christmas Vows

<b>Summer Wedding</b>
Summer Wedding

<b>Fall wedding flowers</b>
Fall wedding flowers

<b>Royal blue & Orange</b>
Royal blue & Orange

<b>Hunter Green Theme</b>
Hunter Green Theme


<b>Heatwave Wedding</b>
Heatwave Wedding

<b>Summer Elegance</b>
Summer Elegance

<b>Mauve and White Wedding</b>
Mauve and White Wedding


<b>Spring Ceremony</b>
Spring Ceremony

<b>Outdoor Ceremony</b>
Outdoor Ceremony

<b>Beach Wedding</b>
Beach Wedding

<b>White Roses</b>
White Roses

<b>White and Pink Wedding</b>
White and Pink Wedding

<b>St. Patrick's Day Wedding</b>
St. Patrick's Day Wedding

<b>June Bride</b>
June Bride