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With cremations becoming more prevalent, many families are unsure of how to display the urn with flowers.

Cost-wise, most urn floral wreaths or rings average between $150.00-$250.00 depending on the size and flowers needed. Separate arrangements can also be made for each side of the urn.

We need an exact size of the urn. The shape of the form used (round or square) will be adjusted to the largest part of the urn. In most cases, you can email us the link from the company with the exact dimensions; this prevents any problems with size the day of the funeral.

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<b>Memorial Service for Cremation</b>
Memorial Service for Cremation

<b>Floral display with photo</b>
Floral display with photo

<b>Flowers for Cremation</b>
Flowers for Cremation

<b>Funeral Urn Display</b>
Funeral Urn Display

<b>Patriotic Remembrance</b>
Patriotic Remembrance

<b>Light blue and white wreath</b>
Light blue and white wreath

<b>Pink Floral Wreath</b>
Pink Floral Wreath

<b>Assorted Flowers for Urn</b>
Assorted Flowers for Urn

<b>Red and white with pink accents</b>
Red and white with pink accents

<b>Red and Pink Floral Wreath</b>
Red and Pink Floral Wreath

<b>Wreath of assorted greens</b>
Wreath of assorted greens

<b>Blue, white, and yellow wreath</b>
Blue, white, and yellow wreath

<b>Colorful Wreath For Urn</b>
Colorful Wreath For Urn

<b>Blue and White Flowers For Urn</b>
Blue and White Flowers For Urn

<b>Wreath With Matching Vases</b>
Wreath With Matching Vases

<b>Flowers For Photograph</b>
Flowers For Photograph

<b>Large Red & White Floral For Urn</b>
Large Red & White Floral For Urn

<b>Wreath With Red & Blue Flowers</b>
Wreath With Red & Blue Flowers

<b>Spring Vase Arrangements For Cremation</b>
Spring Vase Arrangements For Cremation

<b>Pedestal Arrangement For Behind Urn</b>
Pedestal Arrangement For Behind Urn

<b>Summer Wreath For Urn</b>
Summer Wreath For Urn

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