Full-size Rosary for inside the casket.

Cost is $200.00 for full Rosary.

This should only be ordered by an immediate family member.

5 decades with 10 Roses in each decade. Red Roses will be used; if you would like a different color for the Roses, please call.

Cost for smaller Rosary is $95.00 The smaller Rosary has 3 Roses for each decade. Please call to order.


<b>50 Bead Rosary</b>50 Bead RosaryFull-size Rosary with lavender Roses delivered from our shop.

Please call to order; we will verify that we can get the Roses in the color you prefer.

Cost is $200.00

We also have what is called a "half-Rosary" with 3 Roses for each decade (instead of 10). Cost for that size is $95.00

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