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<b>Reception & Party Flowers</b>

<b>Dinner by Candelite</b>
Dinner by Candelite

<b>For The Gallery</b>
For The Gallery

<b>Traditional Centerpiece</b>
Traditional Centerpiece

<b>Bountiful Basket </b>
Bountiful Basket

<b>Vase Of Stock</b>
Vase Of Stock

<b>Buds In A Vase </b>
Buds In A Vase

<b>Snow White</b>
Snow White

<b>For The Bridal Table</b>
For The Bridal Table

<b>Flowers & Fruit</b>
Flowers & Fruit

<b>Coming Up Roses!</b>
Coming Up Roses!

<b>Elegant  Evening</b>
Elegant Evening

<b>Bright & Beautiful</b>
Bright & Beautiful

<b>Peach Perfect</b>
Peach Perfect

<b>Card Table Decoration</b>
Card Table Decoration

<b>Head Table Decoration</b>
Head Table Decoration

<b>Daisy Delight</b>
Daisy Delight

<b>Enchanted Evening</b>
Enchanted Evening

<b>Bowls with Bouquets!</b>
Bowls with Bouquets!

<b>Creative Card Table</b>
Creative Card Table

<b>The Rose Bowl!</b>
The Rose Bowl!

<b>Fragrant & Elegant</b>
Fragrant & Elegant

<b>Midsummer Wedding</b>
Midsummer Wedding

<b>Midsummer Wedding - another view</b>
Midsummer Wedding - another view

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Shades of Summer: Centerpieces

<b>Enchanted Evening</b>
Enchanted Evening

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Tropical Treasures

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Waiting to be delivered!

<b>Alicia & Rueben ~ another view of centerpiece</b>
Alicia & Rueben ~ another view of centerpiece

<b>The Modern Romantic</b>
The Modern Romantic

<b>Chairs for the Couple!</b>
Chairs for the Couple!

<b>Rosey Welcome </b>
Rosey Welcome

<b>Mum's The Word
Mum's The Word

<b>Quincenera </b>

<b>Greeting the Guests</b>
Greeting the Guests

<b>Bride & Groom!</b>
Bride & Groom!

<b>Only Orchids! <font size=2>Multiple photos in this section</font size=2></b>
Only Orchids! Multiple photos in this section

<b>Elegant & Chic</b>
Elegant & Chic

<b>Modern Gem</b>
Modern Gem


<b>Blue Moon Theme</b>
Blue Moon Theme

<b>Coral Queen</b>
Coral Queen

<b>Summer Vase</b>
Summer Vase

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