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<b>Photos of the store!</b>

Parking is available in the same lot - we're just one door down!

<b>Room with a view</b>
Room with a view

<b>another view</b>
another view

<b>Step inside...</b>
Step inside...

<b>Window Displays</b>
Window Displays

<b>Nap time</b>
Nap time


<b>Pretty containers</b>
Pretty containers

<b>Counter & cooler</b>
Counter & cooler

<b>Front window</b>
Front window

<b>1286 Wyoming Avenue</b>
1286 Wyoming Avenue


<b>Front of store</b>
Front of store

<b>March 2015</b>
March 2015

<b>Let me in!</b>
Let me in!

<b>More stuff!</b>
More stuff!

<b>Vases and more</b>
Vases and more

<b>Surveying her world</b>
Surveying her world

<b>Containers and plush</b>
Containers and plush

<b>Plants and keepsakes</b>
Plants and keepsakes

<b>Pangur </b>

<b>Christmas 2021</b>
Christmas 2021

<b>Memorial Day</b>
Memorial Day

<b>New Paint Job!</b>
New Paint Job!

<b>Christmas 2022</b>
Christmas 2022

<b>March 2023</b>
March 2023

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