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There Are Three Major Groupings Of Lilies:
  1. 1. Oriental Lilies: Large And Fragrant Blooms; The Most Expensive In The Lily Family
  2. LA Lilies: A Medium-Sized Bloom; Usually Not Fragrant
  3. Asiatic Lilies: A Smaller-Sized Bloom; Usually Not Fragrant

"According to the National Animal Poison Control Center, certain types of lilies can cause renal failure in cats that have ingested any part of the lily. Evans-King Floral suggests lilies be kept out of the reach of cats. For more information, contact your veterinarian or the National Animal Poison Control Center (NAPCC) at or 1-888-426-4435." Information supplied by Society of American Florists.

Unlike Many Flowers, Lilies Are Shipped In The Bud Stage And Florists Use Warm Water, Light And Heat To Begin The "Opening" Process.

Time Is Often Needed If You Want Fully Bloomed Flowers To Be Used In An Arrangement - Particularly If Lilies Are Special Ordered Or Have Just Arrived In The Retail Store.

All Lilies Open "Successively" Which Means As One Flower Is Ending Its Vase Life, The Next Bloom Is Beginning To Crack And Then Blossom.

Most Lilies Have At Least 2 Blooms Per Stem. The More Blooms On A Stem, The More Expensive The Lily.

<b>Oriental Lilies</b>
Oriental Lilies

<b>L A Hybrid Lilies</b>
L A Hybrid Lilies

<b>Asiatic Lilies</b>
Asiatic Lilies

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